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Buy Hatching Eggs

Are you looking for high-quality hatching eggs to start or expand your own chicken breeding? Then you've come to the right place! We offer you a wide selection of top-quality hatching eggs of the finest quality.
Our hatching eggs come from healthy, well-cared-for chickens that are raised in a species-appropriate manner. This not only guarantees a high hatching rate but also healthy chicks that will develop splendidly.
Why should you choose our hatching eggs?
-High Hatching Rate: Our hatching eggs are carefully selected and stored under optimal conditions to achieve the best results.
-Healthy Chicks: We place great emphasis on the health of our chickens, which is reflected in the quality of the hatching eggs and the chicks that hatch from them.
-Variety of Breeds: You will find hatching eggs of various chicken breeds with us, so you can make the right selection for your needs.
-Experience and Expertise: We take pride in our many years of experience in poultry breeding and are ready to assist you with advice and support.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. When you buy hatching eggs, you trust in quality and experience.

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About Us

On our farm in Westerrönfeld, we have been breeding poultry with passion and dedication for four generations. Our goal is to breed high-quality animals without compromising on appearance and performance. Our experts, Felix Claußen and Jana Garbrecht, bring years of experience in poultry breeding. Unlike many other breeders, our focus is not on profit but on quality. We only sell hatching eggs and young animals from parent animals that meet our high standards, and we do not use animals with breeding-disqualifying faults. If you want to buy hatching eggs, you can rely on our top-quality.

Brahma Gesperbert Junghennen

Our Breeds

We breed the following breeds and sell hatching eggs from them:
-Brahma in Spangled
-Italians in Blue, Black, and Splash
-Bantam Vorwerk
-Bantam Wyandottes in Silver-Black Laced
-Bantam Wyandottes in Yellow
-Japanese Coturnix Quail (also in Celadon)

You can buy hatching eggs of our breeds here.

Hatching Eggs Shipping

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We ship to all European countries! The eggs are packed in a special packaging for hatching eggs and then shipped via UPS. Out of the last 500 orders, not a single egg has arrived broken. If anything should happen, we will provide free replacement. The EU-wide shipping costs €21, including packaging.

What Our Customers Say

"Good evening,
A few weeks ago, I received 10 hatching eggs from you, the blue, black, and splash Italians. Out of 10 eggs, 9 chicks hatched on July 20th.
I am very excited!"


"Dear Mr. Claußen, I am pleased to inform you after today's candling that all the hatching eggs you sent are fertilized."

"I sincerely thank you for your hatching eggs. All 12 have hatched, so I ordered another 10 directly. I am very satisfied with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you."


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